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All for snakes Bruce George
All for snakes Bruce George

Bruce George’s thrilling encounters on the Animal Planet

Bruce George has hit the road. The animal crusader is back to what he does best – travelling across countries and rescuing snakes, catching pythons, running snake education programmes and bringing an awareness about animal issues. In his new series Snake Crusader with Bruce George, on the Animal Planet every Saturday at 9 p.m., Bruce is back with some thrilling animal encounters.

Excerpts from an interview:

Life must be constant adventure saving the deadliest of snakes. Does it ever scare you?

No. Snakes are a special animal. The biggest thing for any animal rescuer is to educate the public about the plight of animals.

Tell us a few of your amazing encounters.

I’ve actually come across Russell Vipers resting on my foot. Pit Vipers, Taipans, the world’s most deadliest snake, the Inland Taipan. I’ve played with all of those. Being kissed literally by a king cobra in Kuala Lumpur was an exciting event for me, but if that lady had opened her mouth and bitten my cheek rather than lick it, I knew I was going to be in some big bad trouble.

What can one expect from the new series?

It has a lot of passion, education and beauty of the different countries that I visited, and the people that I worked with. You could call it a multicultural show. In this series I deal with different animals. I’m dealing with elephants, bats, orangutans, Tasmanian Devils. I was unaware that a lot of these animals really had a serious problem affecting them. I wanted to learn more and help them, so I did.





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