Initiative Immortalise the joys of pregnancy in a bunch of cutesy pictures

If you are expecting your bundle of joy and you want to record this special time of your life for keeps then Cuppycakes in Reliance Timeout, Oberon Mall, has just the thing for you.

Rekha Balakrishnan and Sita Valsan of Cuppycakes promise to help you make beautiful memories of that time. You are pregnant and you want a keepsake of that time, then Cuppycakes will organise a photo shoot and voila you will get a flip book of 20 pages (matte finish) in coffee table format. And it is not just for the mamas. This is for the expectant parents and sibling/s…so your big brothers and/or big sisters get to pose with papas and mamas! Mothers can pose with a ribbon tied around their belly and fathers can pose expectantly next to them looking all lovey dovey! You can choose your location and Cuppycakes will be there with their photographer et al.

And it is not just the pregnancy period that is recorded, once your bundle of joy arrives Cuppycakes will organise a photoshoot of the new parents (and sibling/s) with the baby as part of the package, says Sita. “Since we are photographing the babies, it might take more than one photo session. It might take up to three-four sittings,” she adds. And memories don’t come cheap, so these will cost you close to Rs. 10,000.