l As an art critic Avani describes art with a definite form as distorted and argues that ‘art is to express the artist’s mind. The definitive shape and form is added to please the onlookers.

l As a mentor she guides novice artists on their work by helping them with picture demonstrations on how there can be more to clay than a pot and also on how to infuse traditional art forms to appeal to the modern buyers.

l Avani is set to show her recent works in a show of abstracts in Mumbai.

l In the beginning of her career as an artist, she won the award from Hyderabad art society for an abstract work of hers.

l As a buyer of art, Avani would prefer to buy works which reflect positive energy

l She has so far worked with over 25 artists from different backgrounds including potters in ‘artist in residence’ programme.

l Also an abstract macro photographer, Avani held a show to raise fund for children with diabetes.

l In a forthcoming show curated by her, she presents a show of contemporary mixed media as a tribute to the Delhi rape victim. The show will be on desires of a woman.

l Another artist working in her studio is working on ‘sculptive’ art, a style formed and designed by the artist in her camp.

l The eldest artist working with her is 74 years.