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The neem paste you advised me to use helps get rid of pimples, but my skin becomes dry. Syeda

Mix one tsp of honey and lemon juice each and apply. Wash it after 15 minutes. Honey is a natural moisturiser and relieves dryness. Or, add a pinch of turmeric to two tsp of curd, and apply. Wash it after 15 minutes. You can also mix together one tsp of pure glycerine with 100ml of rose water. Keep it tightly closed in a jar. Apply a little of this lotion whenever your skin feels dry.

I have very dry skin. I apply moisturiser or oil, but it still looks dry and scaly. Sathya

Avoid soap and use a cleansing cream or gel. Mix honey with a little milk and egg yolk or pure almond oil. Apply it daily, washing it off with water after 20 minutes. Apply a sunscreen before going out in the sun, or moisturising cream if you remain indoors. Deficiency of vitamins results in dry skin.

The area around my mouth and forehead are darker than the rest of my face. Anu

Apply a sunscreen with high SPF before going out in the sun. Mix rice powder with curd and use it as a facial scrub once or twice a week. Apply it on the dark areas, rubbing the skin gently with tiny circular movements. Leave it on for a few minutes, before washing off. Mix honey and lemon juice in equal quantities and apply it daily on the dark patches. Wash it off after 15 minutes. Twice a week, apply a face mask comprising a mixture of 3 tsp of oatmeal with one tsp each of honey, curd and lemon juice, or egg white. Apply it on the entire face, avoiding the lips and area around the eyes. Wash it off after half an hour.

What should I do to have fair feet? Richa

Take pieces of lemon and rub them on your feet daily. After washing it off, massage sesame seed (til) oil on your feet. Mix one tsp each of pure glycerine and lemon juice with 50ml of rose water. Apply it daily on your feet, leaving it on for an hour. Mix besan, curd, lemon juice and a little haldi and apply it at least three times a week on your feet. Wash it off after half an hour.

My hair becomes oily just three days after I’ve shampooed it. Shashwati

If you have oily hair, wash it more often.

Washing does not harm the hair. Wash your hair three or four times a week, using less shampoo and rinsing it well with water. Add the juice of a lemon to half a mug of water and use it as a last rinse.