feet are dark. Suggest remedies to make them faire"> feet are dark. Suggest remedies to make them faire" /> feet are dark. Suggest remedies to make them faire" />

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My feet are dark. Suggest remedies to make them fairer? Anuradha

Rub pieces of lemon daily on your feet. After washing it off, massage sesame seed (til) oil on your feet. You can also mix gram flour (besan) with curd, lemon juice and a little turmeric (haldi) and apply it on your feet thrice a week. Wash it off after half an hour and then massage the oil.

I have dark circles under my eyes. I’ve tried creams, but in vain.Vidya

Apply pure almond oil daily around your eyes. Take very little oil and massage it lightly on the skin, using only the ring finger, for a minute around each eye. Leave it on for 15 minutes before wiping it off gently with moist cotton wool. You can also mix cucumber juice and potato juice in equal quantities. Apply this daily under your eyes for 20 minutes. Wash it off with water. Apply a sunscreen lotion sparingly under your eyes, before going out in the sun. Add a drop of water to the lotion for lighter coverage. Nutritious diet and adequate sleep are also important.

What should I do to make my eyelashes appear thicker? Meera

Mascara will help make your lashes look thicker. Apply it in two or three light coats. After each application, apply a little powder. Wait for each coat to dry before applying the next. Finally, brush out your lashes with an eyelash brush. As a home remedy, try applying a little castor oil on your lashes with a cotton bud. It is said to darken and thicken them over a period of time. Apply it only during the day. Do not apply it at night and go to sleep, as it can lead to puffy eyes.

Will henna help me get rid of dandruff? How should henna be mixed and what should I add to it? Sujatha

Henna helps control dandruff. Make sure that you buy good quality henna powder. Add 4 teaspoons each of lemon juice and coffee, 2 raw eggs and enough“tea water”to the henna powder, mixing it into a thick paste. You can also add dry amla powder, or methi seed powder. “Tea water” can be made by boiling used tea leaves again in enough water, cooling and straining the liquid. Apply the henna on the hair and wash off after an hour. If you do not wish to use egg, add more tea water. Apply on the hair and wash it off with plain water after an hour.

I have many pimples which leave dark spots. They itch too. Jyoti

Mix one tsp of bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) with 3 tsp of water. Apply this on your face daily. Leave it on for five minutes, before washing it off with water. It helps reduce oiliness and relieves itching. Store rose water in the fridge and wipe your skin with it several times a day, to refresh and cool it. Mix one tsp of cinnamon powder with half a tsp of methi seed powder, a little lemon juice and a few drops of honey to make a sticky paste. Apply it only on the pimples daily and keep it on for an hour. Mix multani mitti with rose water and lemon juice into a paste and apply it twice a week on the face. Wash it off when it is dry.




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