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Suggest tips to get rid of a double chin. — Ashwathi

Do the following exercises. First, open your mouth as wide as you can. Hold that position for 10 seconds, then relax your mouth, and repeat the exercise a few more times. For faster results, place a ball under your chin while doing the exercise. Sleeping without a pillow is said to reduce a double chin. Massage the area daily using til oil. Starting from the chin, go downwards, using both the hands, one hand following the other. Pressure should be applied while moving downwards and not while bringing the hands back to the chin. Massage for 2 to 3 minutes. Wipe off oil with moist cotton wool.

My hair becomes frizzy after a bath. How can I straighten it? Will ironing affect the growth of the hair? — Shakthi

Straightening is done with chemical lotions and direct heat application (ironing). Repeated straightening can damage the hair. Mix some water with a creamy hair conditioner and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on your hair. Then comb your hair, so the conditioner spreads. You can use a hand-held dryer at home for straightening. The effect will last till the next shampoo wash. After washing your hair, while it is still damp, divide it into sections. Hold the end of a section with a comb or brush. By holding it straight and moving slightly downwards, use the hand held dryer to dry the hair. Repeat this with each section. Blow in a downward direction. Using the dryer over your head can make your hair frizzier. Hold the dryer at least six inches away from the hair. Note that excessive use of a dryer can cause dryness of hair.

Suggest ways to remove tan? My skin is sensitive. — Martina

Apply an anti-tan sunscreen 20 minutes before going out in the sun. If you stay in the sun for long, re-apply the sunscreen. If the skin is sensitive, avoid scrubs and applying grainy substances on the face. Add a pinch of turmeric to two teaspoons of curd and apply it daily on your face. Wash it off after 20 minutes. Twice a week, apply a face mask. Mix multani mitti with rose water, cold milk and sandalwood into a paste. Apply it on the entire face, avoiding the lips and the area around the eyes. Wash it off after it dries.

I am getting married in two months time. What facials should I go in for? — Geetha

Go for a salon facial once a week. You can have a pearl or diamond facial. Follow this routine — cleansing, exfoliation, nourishing (light massage), mask and toning, ending with a cold compress. If prone to blackheads, facial massage with cream should be avoided. For daily care, cleanse your face twice a day with a face wash or cleansing gel. Then wipe it with rose water, using cotton wool. Apply a day cream or a sunscreen before going out in the sun. At night, apply a nourishing cream and massage it on the face with a few drops of water. Wipe it off and apply a mask. Wash it off after 30 minutes. Tone the skin with chilled rose water, using cotton wool pads.

How can I get rid of upper lip hair? — Divya

Home remedies do not remove facial hair. But, they are said to lessen the growth if used regularly over a period of time. Try the following remedies that would discourage facial hair growth. Make a thick paste of sugar, lemon juice and water and apply it in the direction of the growth. Wash it off after it dries. Apply it once or twice a week. Apply a paste of turmeric powder and milk and rub this on the skin with a circular motion. It is said to discourage facial hair, but it may leave a slight yellowish colour on the skin.

I am 24 years old and have dark eye lids. Please suggest a home remedy to lighten them.  — Rayeesa

The dark area around the eyes can be due to hereditary factors, nutritional deficiencies, stress, inadequate sleep, sun-sensitivity, etc. As a home remedy, daily apply pure almond oil sparingly around the eyes every day and massage it lightly on the skin, using only the ring finger, for one minute around each eye. Massage in one direction only. Leave it on for 15 minutes and wipe it off gently with moist cotton wool. You can also mix cucumber juice and potato juice in equal quantities. and apply Apply around the eyes daily for 20 minutes. Wash it off with water. Before going out in the sun, apply a sunscreen lotion sparingly under the eyes. Add a drop of water to it before applying, to give a lighter coverage.