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Beautician Shahnaz Hussain will offer beauty tips and answer beauty queries. You can send your queries to Give me the name of a product used for an oily make-up. I am inspired by film star Rekha. - SumathiThere is no particular name. It depends on the kind of foundation you use. There are two types of foundations - water-based and creamy. The creamy one gives an oily finish. Similarly, creamy blushers are also available. Before applying foundation, a moisturiser should be applied. Highlighters (usually white) help to add glow to certain areas, like the cheekbones and under the brows. How a film star looks in photographs and on screen depends a lot on lighting and photography. I have a dry skin and rough patches on my nose due to black heads. I also suffer from skin tan. How should I treat them? - SangitaYou may have a combination skin, because black heads appear only in oily areas. In combination skins, usually the T-zone, comprising forehead, nose and chin, is oily, while the rest of the face is dry. You can mix rice powder with curd and apply daily on the area with blackheads. Rub gently on the skin. Leave for five minutes and wash off. If the blackheads are stubborn, you can have them removed at a beauty parlour and then follow the scrub treatment daily. You should not pinch blackheads, because it can lead to pimples. You can mix a teaspoon of honey with curd and apply daily on the face. Wash off after 20 minutes.I am 17. I have jet black hair. I want to use henna but am worried that it will change my hair colour. I have been taking vitamin supplements, but it has worsened my acne condition. Please advise. - SynthiaHenna does not colour dark hair. It will only colour grey hair. In fact, it helps condition the hair and add shine. Henna lends dark hair attractive highlights. To the henna powder add four teaspoons each of lemon juice and coffee, 2 raw eggs and enough curd to mix into a thick paste. Apply on the hair and wash off after an hour. Vitamin supplements should not increase acne. In fact, vitamin B-complex helps in acne control. The acne condition can worsen due to many reasons, including stress. You should wash your face only twice a day with a medicated soap. Washing the face with soap too often makes the skin prone to acne, because it disrupts the normal acid-alkaline balance. Apply curd daily on the skin and wash off after an hour. This helps an acne condition. Mix one teaspoon cinnamon powder with half teaspoon methi seed powder and quarter-teaspoon honey. Apply this paste on the pimples and leave on overnight. Or, you can apply sandalwood paste on the pimples. Avoid the use of creams. I am 20. I have oily skin, pimples and pimple marks. Also, recently I have noticed pits on my skin. Suggest some home remedy. Can I apply any cream / lotion / powder on my face when I am going out? If yes, please tell me the brand meant for oily skin. I am using a face wash and no soap. Is it necessary to use a soap? If yes, which soap should I use? - JananiThe tiny pits may be because of acne or they may be open pores. This can happen on oily skin and in acne conditions. You need to control the acne before dealing with the marks. In fact, home remedies do not help much in acne scars and pits. These form due to destruction of skin tissue. Once the acne subsides, vegetable peel treatments can be taken for scars. You can seek professional help from a skin care clinic or a therapist. You should use a medicated soap only twice a day. It is not possible to mention brand names. You can choose a medicated soap. Apply curd on the entire face daily and wash it off after 20 minutes. You can apply sandalwood paste on the pimples. Or, you can mix one teaspoon cinnamon powder, half a teaspoon methi seed powder and quarter teaspoon honey. Apply this only on the pimples/acne. Do not apply any oily creams. You can use an all-purpose cream for oily skin when you go out. They may also be called vanishing cream. You can apply loose powder on the face if you like. But, be sure to cleanse at night. I am aged 21 and suffering from dandruff for the past seven years. I also losing hair. I consulted a doctor and he advised an anti-fungal shampoo, but it has resulted in the hair root losing strength. Suggest a suitable solution. I am following the coconut oil treatment suggested by you, but there is no change. - KarthikYou may be having a fungal infection, since there is a rashy condition and the doctor has also suggested an anti-fungal shampoo. I think you should consult a dermatologist. You can boil neem leaves. Cool the water and put it on your hair after washing. The leaves can also be made into a paste and applied. But, rather than home remedies, you need to follow a dermatologist's prescription. The hot oil therapy may not help and you will need medicated lotions and ointments. You should wash your hair daily, using a mild herbal shampoo. Apply less shampoo and rinse well. A herbal hair tonic may also help. Wash your comb, towel and pillow cover daily in warm soapy water, after adding one teaspoon Savlon. I am 19 and have a fair complexion. But during winters, the region around my lips turn dark. I drink plenty of water daily. Please help. - Nilanjana MukherjiThis may be happening due to dryness. You can wipe the area with milk daily, using cotton wool. Mix one teaspoon lemon juice with half a teaspoon honey and apply around the lips daily. Wash it off after 20 minutes.




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