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Beautician Shahnaz Hussain offers tips and answers queries. You can send your queries to am 45 and I'm losing a lot of hair, especially above my forehead. MumtazYou need to identify the cause of your hair loss. Tying the hair back habitually and tightly over a long period of time can lead to hair loss at the hairline. Excessive oiliness of the scalp, dandruff, thyroid imbalance or a condition called alopecia can be some of the other causes. Consult a dermatologist to make sure. Heat pure coconut oil and apply it the night before shampooing. Avoid massaging the head and use a wide toothed comb. Application of a hair tonic or vitaliser may also help. You can also undergo scalp treatment at a hair care clinic. Have a small bowl of sprouts daily, do some deep breathing exercises and ask your doctor to prescribe vitamin and mineral supplements. My nails become dull and yellowish, especially after applying nail polish. What is the reason and how can I avoid this? ShilpaSome pastel colours, especially beige and pink, can become yellowish after being exposed to the sun. The nails too can acquire a yellowish tinge. To avoid this, use a clear nail polish as a topcoat over the colour you have used. You can also apply sunscreen on the nails, just like you apply it on the hands and arms for protection from UV rays. To get rid of the yellowish tint on the nails, scrape the surface of the nail with the finest-grain side of an emery board, so that the nail is not damaged and then use clear polish for protection. It will also add shine to dull nails.My skin is oily. It looks fresh after a wash with soap, but soon becomes dark and oily. What should I do to keep it fresh all through the day? RatnaThis is a common problem with oily skin, especially when the weather is warm and humid. Refresh and touch up the skin during the day with wet wipes or wet tissues, and powder compact (carry it in your handbag). This will not only refresh the skin, but also make you feel better. My eyes are too big and my friends tease me because of this. How can I make them look smaller? Tarinee You can make them appear smaller with make-up. Use a dark shadow over the entire upper eyelid and a light shadow or highlighter under the brows. Thanks to your tips, I am free of pimples and dandruff. I want to know about the use of olive oil. Can it remove dark circles and can it be applied on the face? PrasannaOlive oil may be heated and applied on the scalp and hair. You can also use it for body massage. Since you have pimple-prone skin, do not apply it on the face. For dark circles, pure almond oil may be better than olive oil. Apply almond oil sparingly around your eyes and massage it lightly on the skin, using only your ring finger, for one minute under each eye. Leave it on for 15 minutes and wipe it off gently with moist cotton wool. You can also mix cucumber juice and tomato juice in equal quantities. Apply it around the eyes for 20 minutes and wash it off with water.




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