Beautician Shahnaz Hussain offers tips and answers queries. You can send your queries to home remedies to tighten open pores on the face and to get rid of lice. VinitaMix oatmeal with egg white and apply it daily on the open pores. Wash it off when it dries. Once daily, mix one teaspoon of honey with two teaspoons of curd or lemon juice and apply it on the entire face, washing it off after 20 minutes. It is said that applying vinegar helps check lice infestation. Apply it every time you wash your hair and then run a fine-toothed comb through your hair. After washing the hair, give yourself a vinegar rinse by adding four tablespoons of vinegar to a mug of water. Also use an anti-lice shampoo once a week and follow it with vinegar application. The nits (eggs) have to be removed manually, one by one. I have dry skin. My friend suggested application of oatmeal mixed with curd on the face. Will it suit my skin type? SuganOatmeal helps reduce oiliness, remove dead cells and tighten the skin. Add honey and curd to the oatmeal and use it, as honey is a natural moisturiser. One teaspoon of ground almonds and egg yolk can also be added to a mask for dry skin. I have a smooth complexion, but I want my skin to be softer and radiant. ZahraIf your skin is normal to dry, mix one teaspoon each of honey and milk with egg yolk and three teaspoons of oatmeal. It should be a thick paste, which does not drip. Apply it twice a week and wash it off when it dries. For oily skin, use curd and egg white instead of milk and egg yolk. If you have pimples, do not use an oatmeal mask; apply only curd and honey. I have red patches on my cheeks. There are some white flakes too. When I wash my face, they go away, but I get them again. RimaRough, red patches with flakes can occur due to dehydration, or continual lack of moisture, in the skin. Consult a dermatologist to ensure that it is not a skin problem. Wash the face only twice a day using a mild glycerine soap. Mix honey with a little milk and apply it daily on these patches. Wash it off after 15 minutes. If the doctor feels the skin is dehydrated, then keep it well moisturised. At night, apply a nourishing cream or a little olive oil and massage it on the skin for three to four minutes. Wipe it off with moist cotton wool.