Neeraj Chhibba, the author of Zero Percentile – Missed IIT Kissed Russia , wants to give his inspirational book free to government schools

“T here is life beyond IIT.” Well, this is what the author of “Zero Percentile — Missed IIT Kissed Russia”, Neeraj Chhibba, attempts to tell the young generation for many of whom success in IIT becomes a question of life and death.

The recently-published book is about its protagonist, Pankaj's, journey across two countries — India and Russia. Pankaj misses selection to the IIT and is sent to Russia to study engineering by his father.

There, he excels in studies, becomes a powerful businessman but is troubled by goons of already established entrepreneurs.

How he handles them under a disadvantageous political climate, conquers the situation and finally leaves the country to be back home in India as an established professional, is the crux of the book.

Says the author, touted by many websites as a bestselling author, “The book would inspire young minds who look for greener pastures beyond their country.”

Neeraj would like to distribute copies of the book to the Government-run schools across India for free.

“I want each school to have at least one copy of it. Students can mail me, even individuals can write in if they require the book. Till now, I have couriered copies to many students who didn't find the book in their cities. My target is to distribute at least 500 copies of the book free. I am buying them from my publisher, Rupa and Co.”

Neeraj, now an engineer with a reputed firm in Gurgaon, is also looking at giving career talks at those schools / colleges that want their students to look beyond the IITs.

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