Travel & Living, Sunday, 10 p.m.

This series takes the viewer on a unique journey across the globe. From planning the best day trips from a city, to hopping between the islands of east Africa and the Pacific, Globe Guides gives you a unique combination of the educational to the entertaining.

Jab We Met,

Zee Cinema, Sunday 8 p.m.

This romantic film stars Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor in the lead. The film, directed by Imtiaz Ali is about a heart-broken industrialist who meets an annoyingly talkative girl on a train and how he ends up helping her.

Planet’s Funniest Animals,

Animal Planet, Wednesday 9 p.m.

From insects to elephants, deep-diving fish to high flying birds and everything in between, the series offers you some of the funniest pratfalls, behaviours and activities of our animal friends.