Salman Khan on ‘Wanted’, remake of ‘Pokkiri’, and his avatar as singer

Salman Khan plays Radhe Mohan once again after Tere Naam, in Boney Kapoor’s Wanted, which hopes to recreate the magic of the Southern blockbuster Pokkiri. The swashbuckling actor talks about the film and working with Prabhu Deva.

Will Wanted do a Ghajini at the box-office?

We hope it will. I believe Ghajini worked because of the love story, not the action. Though Aamir developed his physique, the film focussed on his acting. Wanted is about heroes and heroism. When you come out of the film, you will feel, ‘I want to be a Radhe Mohan’; the way we felt when we saw the films of Bruce Lee, Vinod Khanna or Amitji — even the thinnest guy would come out with his chest puffed up.

How is Wanted different from the original?

When Boney Sir showed me the film, he felt I was watching it. But the reality is I was listening to, not watching, the film. If you see the original, you are bound to get influenced by it. I didn’t want that to happen. I have played it in my style. There’s more humour in the film. The action is also very different. We had to change it to suit our audience.

Asin was part of the Tamil version of Pokkiri. Why is she missing from this one?

Because, we wanted Ayesha Takia.

No Entry, your last film with Boney Kapoor, was a huge hit. Will Wanted follow suit?

Inshallah, it will be a bigger hit. It doesn’t have as much comedy but it has the same amount of action. The music of the film is good because it has my inputs.

You’ve also sung in the film. How did that happen?

I was dubbing some lines and I felt that I should try singing them. Composers Sajid and Wajid started laughing. We worked on it bit by bit. That song has been made in the studio — it’s my voice, yes, but has been corrected, and worked upon. You’ve never been very involved in the promotion of your films. Why this keen interest in Wanted?

I am promoting a film that doesn’t need any promotion. Some of the films did not deserve to be promoted; so, I was in a fix whether to promote them or not. The audience is very smart. They can sniff out a good film from the promos. Word of mouth is the best publicity. But, don’t believe someone if they tell you this film is bad. (laughs)

Are there any special plans to promote Wanted

Mera jail se lamba naata hai (I have a long relationship with prisons), and thought of getting people, who have spent years in jail for a small offence, released. But, people told me that they might create a nuisance.

However, recently, the Prime Minister spoke about the plight of undertrials. It shows we are thinking on the right track. Those who advised us against the move were wrong. Next time, I will not listen to them.

(bollywood news service)