Vaishali’s vegan. For a good reason. “I love animals, and I love great food. But I don’t care to mix the two.”

She celebrates the fact with mango bread. “I don’t think there’s a fruit in the world that can compare, even distantly, with the luscious mango. I am not talking about the sorry, hard, pale-yellow approximation available here in supermarkets. What I mean is the radiantly golden, deliciously juicy mango that makes an appearance in Indian markets at the beginning of summer…

Coming to today’s recipe, “I love making fruit (or veggie) breads, but last Saturday I didn’t have any bananas, carrots or pumpkin pulp on hand. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and when I saw in the pantry a tin of mango pulp that I’d picked up on my last visit to the Indian store, I had a delicious thought… I worked from my pumpkin bread recipe, modifying it as I went along. Since the pulp was much thinner than the canned pumpkin puree one would use for a pumpkin bread, and I wanted to use more of it to get an intense mango flavor, I used a little more flour, cut down on the sugar and water, and doubled the amount of pulp.

The resulting bread was surprisingly delicious, although let me be the first to admit that fresh mango puree would make it much, much better (try it, you lucky souls who live in India). The bright orange of the baked bread was also gorgeous. The two cups of mango puree gave the bread just the right mango-ey punch.

To go with my favorite fruit, I used cardamom, my favorite spice. These two are wonderful flavors both on their own and married to each other.”