Event Eric Vloiemans and his quartet, ‘Gatecrash', will perform in the city

Trumpeter Eric Vloeimans and his quartet, ‘Gatecrash', transport the listener through various musical landscapes – ‘from dance grooves to spacey, contemplative reflections, with a nod to rock and roll, classical and electronic music.'

Vloeimans's trumpet lies at the heart of the quartet. His technique is not all heart, it is supported by brilliant technique. When he sets out creating music, the instrument and the artist become a single unit.

Vloeimans can, for example, mimic the mellow timbre of a wooden flute, which he calls “playing wood on metal.” He calls it his big secret. Seeing, or rather listening to them perform, one can feel the playfulness in the their work. The music appears to come straight from the soul. “Listen to your inner voice, your intuition. With your brains, you can never be so fast as with your intuition,” he says.

‘Gatecrash' features soundscape master Jeroen van Vliet on the fender, Rhodes on keyboard, Gulli Gudmundsson on bass, electric basses and effects, and Jasper van Hulten on the drums. ‘Gatecrash' has earned a reputation as one of Europe's top cross-over bands between jazz and pop.

‘All that jazz' will be followed by food cooked by Chef Dominic Joseph. The food, which will be a fusion of two fiery cuisines–Latin and Indian, will be treat to look forward to. Dominic Joseph studied at the Culinary Institute of America, New York.

His stint at a Latin Indian fusion restaurant in Chicago led him to develop his unique style, bringing together the right techniques of fusion cooking. ‘Gatecrash' and Latin-Indian Fusion Cuisine at Casino Hotel on June 12.