The Taste of New York Festival at TGIF will transport you to that city

New York has just come closer. Before the U. S. visa aspirants start jumping, let’s make it clear that we are talking about Taste of New York festival at Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF).

The chain of restaurants keep introducing new theme dishes from its treasure of international cuisines every month. The soho Asian nachos that include crisp tortilla chips layered with hoisin barbeque sauce, charbroiled chicken and nachos topped with melted Monterey Jack cheese, along with sliced green onions and spicy chilli sauce is an excellent way to start your Manhattan journey.

If you like pork then Chinatown imperial ribs where baby back ribs are marinated, grilled and basted with sweet hoisin barbeque sauce and sprinkled with sesame seed is just for you.

The health conscious should definitely have broadway lemon chicken. Chicken breasts grilled and beans garnished with a touch of oil are an absolute way of enjoying chicken without getting fat. However, if fat is not your concern, your chicken would then be garnished with butter. Italy shrimp marinara is a good choice in the sea food section, while Brooklyn Italian lamb salad is a must for lamb lovers.


The best way to round off your meal would be with a special dessert, 5th Avenue coffee mousse, priced at Rs. 175. You can ask the in-house DJ to play your favourite music even as you enjoy your food. For those who love their drink, the bar would satisfy your needs.

Prices of the dishes start at Rs 660 and can go upto Rs. 2,860 plus taxes.