Dress up your eyes, make your fashion statement visible

With girls falling off the skies and screaming ‘bachao’ for John Abraham, who wouldn’t want to get their hands on the latest piece of eye gear? ‘Specs’ (spectacles), which was a trademark of nerds and geeks long time back have evolved to be more of something that enhances your personality and reveals your ‘image’. The status of glasses have elevated to a ‘must have’ from a mere accessory for today’s young generation.

For Bhavani Balakrishnan, specs are something that can make you look ‘matured and responsible’. Adjusting her brand new frameless plain glass, she says , “I bought one because I badly wanted to look serious and trust me, its working out.” But for a lot many out there, specs is more of a compulsion than an option. As for Visakh Isac, who has been wearing specs from his sixth standard, it has become a part of himself. “I can’t do without specs. I’ve been wearing them for so long that I would feel incomplete without them,” he confesses.

The ‘Progressive type’ is the most popular lens that is used these days due to its greater visual correction. Other lens available are high index lens that can be used in place of the cumbersome thick edged ones, polycarbonate lens and the aspheric lens. Airware, that is lighter than ordinary plastics and offers 100% UV protection is the latest and the trendiest.

Rimless and frameless specs fall in the ‘most wanted’ category. Round, oval, angular, upswept, frames with high temples are all available in the market. All that you got to do is to choose the shape that suits your face.

Most people who are forced to wear specs see to it that they change their specs now and then, to keep up with the changing trends. Sheffin Bobby, an IT student says, “I wear specs because I have to. But I make it a point that I wear specs that is in vogue.” He sports specs with a titanium frame. Stainless steel and titanium frames are noted for their durability. Frames made of metal, plastic and even a combination of both are next on the list.

Eyegear is not just about the utilitarian specs, for those who do not need specs “to see” there are the shade aka sunglasses to be trendy and fashionable. The latest in sunglass are the big-framed ‘Aviator’ models. The Biker’s collection continues to maintain its stand in the sunglass market. The prices of the sunglasses start at Rs.250 and can go up to Rs.30, 000 and more. “The surprising fact is that these days, people are ready to buy sunglasses whatever be the price . They don’t look to it as an unwanted expense,” says Sheela who assists in an optical shop.


Brand loyalty is a major factor that governs the sunglass industry. “I can never compromise on my favourite brand. Though these branded ones are pretty costly, I don’t really mind,” Anish says flashing his latest sunglass.

For many, like Preeth Prem Kumar, sunglasses are more like a biker’s best friend. He admits, “I can’t imagine driving in Cochin without sunglasses. That is just something next to impossible as the roads are mostly dusty.” Johnson, who works in an optical shop, chuckles when he is reminded of a man who walked into the shop the other day. He said that he wanted a sunglass that looks exactly like the one worn by Mohanlal in the movie ‘Hallo.’

Sunglasses worn in movies like ‘Sivaji’ and ‘Pokkiri’ are also in demand. It is not just sunglasses that are trendsetters, but spectacles too. Jithu Shaji says proudly, “I use a pair of shades that lookjust like the one worn by Tom Cruise in ‘Mission Impossible’”. Rakesh is all excited when he speaks of his collection of sunglasses.“I have seven sunglasses and my favourite is the same as the type James Bond wears in the movie ‘Casino Royale,’” he proudly proclaims. Vineesh, who works in a bank, is of the opinion that Malayalis hesitate to wear sunglasses, as fellow Malayalis would see it as trying to ‘show off’. But when he is on tour to places outside Kerala, he wears them. “I don’t want to be left behind when I go to places like Goa and Delhi,” he says.

Girls are not to be left behind when it comes to wearing sunglasses. Just that the pace in Cochin is pretty slow when compared to cities like Mumbai and Bangalore. Coloured contact lenses are much in demand. The most sought after colours are brown, grey and hazel.

Tina Mary says, “I wear coloured lens because it complements my skin tone. When you wear lens that matches the colour of your outfit, it gives you that ‘cool’ look.” Definitely trendy eyewear has emerged to be one of those ‘in things’.

So, if you want to be a part of the fashionable crowd, make sure you get your hands on the latest eye gear and let your eye do the talking…