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COMPLETE ANSWER The series attempts to answer all questions about food
COMPLETE ANSWER The series attempts to answer all questions about food

We are constantly being told to eat ‘healthily’ or how to follow in the footsteps of celebrity dieters, but it’s all so contradictory and confusing. Every week there’s a new report about what food is good and what is bad and we just don’t know any more what is true and what isn’t. Using the latest science, and through a series of experiments, Discovery Channel’s new five-part series “The Truth about Food” achieves headline-grabbing, before-and-after results that will change the way you think about food – forever.

“The Truth about Food” is the biggest ever undertaking of its kind – a huge, televised investigation delivering for the first time real and provable evidence of just how your diet influences every area of your life. These experiments will reveal not just what to eat to lose weight, but how to influence everything from your mood and fertility to your competitive edge – and even your lifespan.

This practical, accessible and humorous series attempts to answer all your questions about food, fat and nutrition and busts myths about the food we eat every day. Beginning July 24, “The Truth about Food” will air every Tuesday at 9 p.m. and will repeat the following Sunday at 2 p.m.




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