NewsX’s call for entries for its ‘Annual Documentary Film Festival’

It’s innovative, it’s niche and it’s all about celebrating the art and business of documentary filmmaking. NewsX’s ‘Annual NewsX Documentary Film Festival’ has been designed for all those who have a creative mind, are passionate about their work and have an obsession to unearth the stark realities of human existence. It will take place in the last week of December in New Delhi.

The festival is broadly divided into Short Documentaries and Feature Documentaries and the winning documentary will get showcased on NewsX. Aimed at bringing together different film making practices, cinematic traditions, filmmakers and film enthusiasts on one creative platform, the festival has been designed to feature contemporary cutting-edge films, which are innovative in their genre, style, narrative and delivery.

The screenings will feature a varied range of topics.

The festival will be held in an informal setting, specially created for fanning audience creativity. The grand fiesta will kick off with the ‘Director to Audience’ tête-À-têtes on the behind-the-scenes of the documentaries, followed by a daily showcasing of four to six documentaries.

In addition, there will be engaging forums and activity-based classes, conducted by specialists in the industry on the craft of filmmaking. The topics are education, arts, science, contemporary issues, history, sports, digital world and environment. The last date for registration is November 30. Log on to for details.