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HISTORICAL MARK Beatriz Biagi: “Jewellery has a 7,000-year-old history”
HISTORICAL MARK Beatriz Biagi: “Jewellery has a 7,000-year-old history”

Italian jewellery designer Beatriz Biagi says jewellery has become a part of the cycle of life

Italian jewellery designer Beatriz Biagi calls jewellery applied art. The designer for 20 years, was in Bangalore recently for a workshop. Dressed in chocolate brown trousers and top and minimal, simple jewellery, she says “Jewellery, unlike a painting or sculpture is functional. It also serves as a symbol. It can be worn for a social occasion, or as a symbol or lucky charm.” She says as jewellery has a 7,000-year-old history, it is a reflection of the culture of the times. She enjoys designing luxury jewellery.


Beatriz feels that jewellery can be expressive as well. “It has a social place where it is a symbol of the person’s status. It is a part of life.” As she believes that jewellery is a part of the cycle of life, she also asserts that it has an important historical context. “It is part of our myth and culture.”

From avant-garde to grand stones and gems, the designer likes the process of designing and combining different jewels.

“I like playing around with stones like the ruby, quartz, emerald, opal.” She finds almost every stone spectacular. When it comes to her personal choice in jewellery, Beatriz tends to be choosy! “I always look for the perfect cut!”

She finds Indian jewellery ethnic and comes with a great weight of background and history.

“There is jewellery for every festival. I love everything from Meenakari to temple.” She traces the European style of jewellery-designing to ancient Roman and Greek jewellery. “I like Italian, French and Turkish jewellery.”

When it comes to teaching the art of jewellery-designing, Beatriz believes that one can only impart methodology and technical skills. “One can only share concepts and guide.”

With new jewellery trends and designs, Beatriz is sure that the evergreens will remain so.

“There is a place for both period/heritage pieces and contemporary jewellery.” She asserts that jewellery has had to move with the times. “Especially for women who are working and wear light jewellery in simple designs.”





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