Rishi on his album of the same name

At a time when young jazz or pop lovers come out with their albums at the drop of a hat, here is someone who has spent 10 years in Australia to gain a certificate of musicianship and a diploma in pop/jazz music performance.

We are talking of Rishi who has just launched his album, “Rishi” which he has himself composed and produced.

Rishi believes that his music is beyond the contests that are shown on television these days. “It is good to encourage upcoming talent, there were such talent hunts in my times but I never participated in them. In the college fests where and when I did, I always won,” proclaims the singer who is a guitarist as well.

The album

The album has nine tracks transcending boundaries of dance, jazz, pop and folk and also has an instrumental track called ‘Gumm’.

Talking about his album, Rishi says, “All of them are my favourites, ‘Zameen’ has real earthy touches to it, it’s a folk song which is more like an anthem. Then there’s ‘Tum Saa’ with jazzy beats which is very close to my heart.My voice is my USP, I have a style that’s fresh, dynamic and a mix of the modern and traditional,” expresses a confident Rishi. He also accepts that there is tough competition in the industry.

“I have a band of four childhood friends called Radius and we do shows all over India. It’s been my platform where I can dabble in new alternate sounds. This time Rishi and Radius will both keep me busy,” he says.

Next in his kitty is “an album dedicated to nature”.