Into the wild

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The Hunt Catch Python Quest tonight on Nat Geo
The Hunt Catch Python Quest tonight on Nat Geo

Explore the world’s most dangerous animals with Nat Geo. The jungles reverberate with the sound of screeches, growls and grunts. These are the noises of creatures hidden in the trees vying with each other for survival.

Take a journey into their domain for a close look at their lethal abilities: how they hunt, kill and defend in Nat Geo’s World’s Deadliest Animals. Catch all the action tonight at 9 p.m. on the National Geographic Channel.

It is a different jungle for the gorgeous girls from LA on “The Hills”, on channel VH1. In the show, Lauren and Heidi continue to move forward with their new jobs even though, at times, they don’t like their jobs much.

Lauren gets an assignment to fly to New York and deliver a dress for a fashion show while Heidi quits fashion school and is faced with the reality of her “dream job”. Who’s the ‘old friend’ who calls Lauren after she’s back from her trip to New York? Will the girls be able learn the arts of balance and survival? Watch “The Hills” on Thursday at 6 p.m. to find out more.




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