Imitation jewellery is catching up fast with the young and old

All that glitters is not gold… as clichéd as it may sound, it holds true in the case of the latest trends in fashion jewellery. Glittering, trendy and modern designs to suit the tastes of the contemporary woman, these accessories aptly complement the chic look. Pendants, earrings, rings as well as complete matching sets carved out of silver, copper with rhodium plating, steel, beads, kundan and pearls are available in stores.

Simple designer lockets start at a price range of Rs.280; the heavier sets could go anywhere up to Rs.4000-6000. Affordably priced these pieces of jewellery are available at most of the cosmetic shops as well as jewellery malls. One such store, Daze, at Broadway has an exclusive collection of ‘Bridal sets’. Suitable for pre-wedding parties and other gatherings these bridal sets have work exquisite work on kundan and coloured stones. There is also an appealing use of pearls. These sets can be accessorised and matched with sarees to give a rich yet new look. Hassan T. T., owner of Daze says, “We have brought a varied and fashionable collection of imitation jewellery to the city and it is being accepted very well by the youngsters.”

Jewellery malls have also started selling imitation jewellery keeping in view their high demand. “Gold goes very well with traditional clothes, but with day to day and modern wear, I prefer imitation jewellery”, says Renu Abraham, a dentist. Most of these pieces are imported. Korea, Singapore, Italy and other European countries have brought in novelty in design and style. Brandz boutique at Bay Pride Mall also offers guarantee on their fashion jewellery.

“Our products made of sterling silver come in the range of Rs.3000 – 12,000. A lot of care is taken in the making of these, be it a ring studded with stones or a heavy neck piece”, says Latif Kinara of Brandz. Bling is in and with sleek and trendy designs storming the market, there is definitely a craze to try on something new. When it doesn’t hurt the pocket, it becomes easier to go with the flow.