Artist Dhiraj Choudhury conjures up some evocative sketches to celebrate the spirit of the Olympics exclusively for MetroPlus. Here’s a selection…


Artist Dhiraj Choudhury plays with line, tone and texture, creating kinetic art on paper or canvas. Moving from the static to the dynamic, his lines begin to vibrate with youthful energy, ambition and vitality evocative of sport. The forceful lines are also symbolic of his evolution from his early days till the present. And the addition of colour makes the drawings look attractive, says the 72-year-old artist.

Prof. Choudhury had a long stint as a teacher at the Delhi College of Art. Keenly interested in drawing, he founded a group that was dedicated to drawing. He has held several solo exhibitions of his drawings in India as well as in France and England. He received a national award for his drawings and his works form part of art collections in well-known museums.