“Samsher Sikander Chuddie Buddie” is the new cartoon series that will be launched today on Cartoon Netweork.

The series is launched to celebrate Friendship Day. The show revolves around the unique and an unusual friendship of a young boy, Samsher Singh with a crazy and extremely funny spider monkey, Sikander. The story is starts with a mix up by the Byculla Municipal Council, who think “Sam ‘Sher’ Singh” actually is the name of a lion. Twelve-year-old Samsher Singh gets transferred to Pashu Pakshi Kendriya Vidyalaya, where all the students and faculty are animals! As the only human student, Samsher soon finds that life at his new school is really the survival of the fittest and he befriends Jimmy Sikander, an over smart monkey, who swings “Samsher” into trouble and misadventures, turning him into an ultra-cool kid in the school. The series will be telecast Monday to Friday at 7.30 p.m.