Oriflame has launched Ultra Shape-Up Anti-Cellulite Night Action Ampoules to reduce cellulite and dimples, and tone muscles. Priced at Rs. 1,690 for 14, 10ml ampoules, the range is said to reduce the appearance of cellulite and fat dimples in two weeks. The anti-dimple complex comprises botanical actives that work in unison to smooth away cellulite, caffeine that reduces fatty deposits and lotus flower that limits fatty tissue inflammation and stimulates lipolysis. The product is available at an introductory price of Rs. 1,290 only in the month of July. Also available for application is the anti-cellulite glove — a two-in-one advanced glove that has a cleansing terry-cloth on one side and exfoliating loofah on the other. It is priced at Rs. 198. Oriflame products are available only through Oriflame consultants. For more information log on to FOOD

Saffola Functional Food for Diabetics helps manage sugar levels. It contains soluble fibre, which helps slow down absorption of sugar in the body. All you need to do is add the contents of a 459gm pack to 2kg of atta (whole wheat flour) before making rotis. The rotis will be as tasty as ever. The product is 100 per cent vegetarian and contains high grade natural ingredients such as Bengal gram, psyllium husk and methi, combined with a special technology to give a homogenous mix of quality fibre. It can fulfil more than one-third of an individual’s daily fibre requirement. As all the ingredients are natural, the product is good for the entire family. Available in select outlets in all major towns across India at a priced of Rs. 129 for a 459 gm pack. Also available in a 935gm pet jar and a 935gm carton. It can also be used in preparations such as bhakri, khakra and thepla. For more details on recipes and to order the product online, visit