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Soak in opulence Speaking of dream houses!
Soak in opulence Speaking of dream houses!

Designing your bathroom can be a walk through luxury land

Time was when we had only one “beauty soap of the film stars”. Remember all those Bollywood beauties of yesteryear — somewhat prudish perhaps, compared to today’s stars, who leave nothing to the imagination, but alluring nonetheless — peaking out of the bathtub? Those were days when most ordinary houses didn’t even have a bathtub. And anybody wonky enough to demand such unusual bathroom fixtures would have to call in a mason, patiently explain the contraption and its uses, and then hope for the best. In liberalised India, those days are well and truly over. Not only are you safe from being labelled a social climber for wanting a tub and a ‘western style’, you can now buy them readymade. As long as your wallet allows it, your bathroom can be as Bollywoodish as they come.

It’s not just the basics that have changed. Wickedly curved faucets add oomph to the bathing place. Bathroom cabinets compete with showcases. And water closets almost do the job for you.

Those mundane looking steel taps jutting out of the wash basin at predictable angles have given way to trendy designer faucets – all shining and rust resistant, in ‘full turn’, ‘half turn’, ‘quarter turn’ and single lever mixture varieties.

Talking of delightful shapes, we have two new products, ‘Encore’ and ‘Eternal’, from Marc Bathing Luxuries, known for churning out innovative faucets. Century, a venture of Prabhat Sanitaryware, has recently launched an exclusive range of most voguish and elegant bath faucets. Its brands include Loris, Terzo, Dione, Oria and Zara. Another well known brand, Trot, also has some exquisite bath fittings. Johnson & Johnson and Jaguar are two other popular brands.

Remote operations

To pamper those looking for the ultimate water closet — Hindwarehas come out with ‘auto-mate’, the intelligent water closet, crammed with a bewildering range of features.

The seat can be warmed up to maintain a comfortable temperature. The auto washing mechanism consists of a nozzle to splash water on the body. The unit comes with a drier which blows the body dry without leaving a trace of moisture. Besides flushing, the soft closing seat cover employs hydraulic action, obviating the need for the user to ‘bang’ it after use! The remote- controlled unit is priced at Rs.1,23,000. Well luxury comes for a price all right!

As for bathroom furniture, Bathline pairs up combinations like wood and ceramics, glass and stainless steel, wood and stainless steel, to add pizzazz to the bathroom. Prices of its products range from Rs.60,000 to 2,80,000. And to complete the look of a bathroom with towels, bathmats, etc., there is an exciting range from Nautica. With bathrooms like this, who needs a bed?




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