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CREATING HISTORY Indian Ocean in action
CREATING HISTORY Indian Ocean in action

Music Indian Ocean is coming out with a DVD of its live concert

It’s a first in the history of contemporary Indian music. Indian Ocean has set a number of trends in the past. And here it is with another one. An audio CD of a live concert might be commonplace, but this fusion band is creating a precedent by launching a DVD of its live concert. Great idea? Then thank Amit Kilam, the band’s drummer, as it was his idea..

“All of us felt it was a great concept and decided to go ahead with it,” explains Rahul Ram, the bassist and vocalist.

The band members feel they perform better onstage than in the studio, and this convinced them to go with Amit’s suggestion. “We are basically a lively band. We know we sound better in our concerts than in CDs. We are not too happy in the studios. Our chemistry is enhanced onstage, which I feel makes a lot of difference. This DVD is a celebration for being together,” adds Rahul.

Chosen concert

A concert at the Garden of Five Senses, Delhi, was the chosen one to be recorded. A cameraman friend, who has worked in Hollywood and Bollywood, came to their help with the technicalities. “We set up eight cameras to capture the show. Later we did a 24-track recording in two sets at a studio. But it is the editing that took a lot of time. We went to a studio in Varadapalayam in Andhra Pradesh for post production, as a DVD requires a 5.1 mix. Then we had to get a censor certificate, which every DVD requires.”

With 11 tracks, the DVD runs over 110 minutes and is priced at Rs.300. Except for one song, “Bula Raha”, all others are from their previous albums.

Though the DVD was set for release a year-and-a-half back, unexpected issues delayed the process. “We took some DVDs with us during our trip to the U.S. last year. But then we realised most people couldn’t open it as it was not compatible with some operating systems. So we had to work on colour correction and format again. Now, we will bring out 2000 copies to start with.”

The album will be officially launched this month. Though EMI has the marketing rights, the DVD, like their earlier albums, has been produced and released by the band’s own record company, Kandisa Pvt Ltd.





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