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Danny Bryant’s Redeyeband: Black and White

Rs. 350 (CD).

The saddest thing about music today is the slow death of most classic genres. With Black and White, Danny Bryant’s Redeyeband attempts to reclaim the lost glory of blues, and sure enough comes up a winner. Redeyeband has been active in the Blues circuit for close to 10 years now. Black and White is their sixth studio album, and follows their ‘live’ compilation album that has taken the European blues community by storm early last year.

Bryant and his three-piece blues ensemble make magic with this 10-track CD by mixing aggressive rock ’n’ roll with old school blues. The album kicks off with ‘Tell Me’, a racy rock ’n roll track, followed by a slower, more blues-ish track called, ‘Between the Lines’. ‘Love Remains’ is a slow, blues love song that Danny wrote for his wife and guitar tech, Kirby Bryant. You can hear the occasional rock ballad in the tracks ‘Walk Away’ and ‘Old Blues Song’.

Die-hard blues fans should not miss tracks such as ‘21’, ‘Lowdown Blues’, ‘The Last Goodbye’ and ‘Black and White’, where Danny and the trio show us the true magic of blues and rock ’n’ roll with smooth bass lines and some amazing guitar riffs by Danny.

Parts of the CD will make you believe you are listening to a compilation of Joe Satriani’s slower, blues tracks, simply because Danny Bryant’s skill on the guitar is as good as Satriani’s.

Black and White is the perfect excuse to turn up the sound on a Sunday afternoon and chill with some old school blues. Black and White is a must buy for all blues fans all over the world. It is a great CD to reboot the blues phase, or just fall in love with it all over again.




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