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Grab a slice Piping hot pizzas at Dominoes
Grab a slice Piping hot pizzas at Dominoes

Dominos has a definite edge when it comes to pizzas

It may not be at the most accessible point in the city but the new Dominos outlet at Planet Yumm in Thejaswini, Technopark, has a definite edge when it comes to the scrumptiousness of its pizzas.

To chronicle the short and spicy life of a Dominos pizza, I got on to the pizza trail and followed my Chicken Mexican Red Wave, a dangerous mix of red pepper, and spicy chicken, from the dough mixer to the walk-in freezer filled with racks upon racks of would-be pizzas chilling it out at 2 degree Celsius.

After the liberal cooling, me and the mound of dough headed for the kitchen where expert hands shaped out the base and spread out the sauce on top. I had trouble recognising the mozzarella cheese shaped like shot gun billets which was sprinkled over my pizza.

Meat and herbs

The meat and the herbs went in and I packed off my Mexican Red Wave into the oven. Three minutes later I was holding a piping-hot pizza and drooling ever so slightly. The mozzarella had spread out quite evenly and the red peppers looked menacing on top. I took the first bite with a glass of water in hand but to my surprise it was not that hot, only so much as to give you an idea of what hot could be; which was fine by me.

Couple of bites later the tanginess of the tomato set in but not the kind that sets your teeth on edge; just enough to let you know that it is pizza that you are eating. The meat was wholesome and spread out evenly for the true pizza experience; not huge chunks of it that makes it look like the cross section of a shawarma.

This is definitely one place where a vegetarian can look at the menu and not feel like an unknown entity. With the Gourmet (packed with black olives and golden corn) and Double Cheese Margherita (self-explanatory), keep a tab on that calorie count though.

For the ardent non-vegetarians, the aptly-name Non-Veg Extravaganza with tonnes of chicken and ham would be the pick of the lot. For the gourmets, the golden corn-double barbeque chicken combination of Chicken Golden Delight would be the irresistible one, I guess.

At prices varying from Rs.60 to Rs.135 for a regular 7” pizza, one person can eat without disturbing his or her peace of mind. The large 14” ones can go up to Rs.395. The choice of crust – thin, fat, or packed with cheese – is available only in the medium pizzas though.

The outlet is open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Dominos does door delivery within a ten-minute radius of Technopark; which, unfortunately, leaves out most of the city.

As a parting suggestion, always choose to sprinkle the oregano instead of reaching for that ketchup bottle. Seriously, what were you thinking!





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