Big Music, Rs. 160

This is probably one of the best works of Anu Malik in recent years. For a sci-fi love story, the music is equally jazzy and techno, a sure shot commercial winner. If the peppy music wasn’t enough, a music arranger has been assigned to each of the nine songs to add zing to it.

Interestingly, all the songs start with a dialogue between the lead protagonists, which give you an insight into the storyline and helps enjoy the songs better.

Shaan is in his element in “Milo Na Milo”, the first song in the album. It is a pulsating number though not fast-paced, with chirpy lyrics by Javed Akhtar. “Meelon Ka – Part 1” is a melodious, lyrical track, sung by Kay Kay and Alka Yagnik. This one is clearly one of the best the album has to offer, the other one being the teasing number, “Mausam Achanak” (Shaan and Alka Yagnik). Alka’s rendition is especially commendable.

“Lover Boy” by Alisha Chenai is a disappointment. The singer has sung better songs in the past. There is no lyrical value, nor is the music worthwhile. The title track “Love Story – Part 1” is tech-savy. With rhythmic beats and Shaan’s voice it is a good listen.

“Sach Kehna” (Kunal Ganjawala) and “Aa Gaya Hun Mein” (Kay Kay) are the usual suspects. The instrumentation is good in the former, and good to dance to.

Anu Malik has tried to use some Indian instruments and give the songs a fusion feel, but the music as such is not great.

Meelon Ka - Part 2” “Love Story - Part 2” are slower versions of the earlier tracks, and wonderful to listen to, as the lyrics and the beats are understood better.

Viva La Vida or Death and all his Friends, Coldplay

EMI, Rs.350

From “yellow”, Coldplay has certainly turned “Technicolor”, with their latest album Viva La Vida or Death and all his Friends. It’s the instrumental virtuosity of the album that sets it apart. It’s the kind of album you want to hear standing on the top of the mountain.

The soulfulness of the organ, the hints of African strings and the punch of the tabla make this album particularly remarkable.

“Cemeteries of London” is a more signature Coldplay song, yet it succeeds in being different. But “Lost”, is by no means an outstanding piece. The lyrics are rather typical. “You might be a big fish / In a little pond/ Doesn’t mean you’ve won / ‘Cause along may come /A bigger one / And you’ll be lost.” Clearly, neither the sentiment nor the expression is unique.

The title track “Viva La Vida” (Spanish for “Long Live Life”), is a mind-blowing track, for lack of a better word! But that’s what it really does. It pervades your mind. The lyrics move beyond angst to a truer plane of emotions. The song evokes a panorama of emotions. Once again, instruments make this track a resounding one.

(Compiled my M.R. and N.N.)