School’s out already

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NEW PHASE College is all about choices — from what you wear to the subjects you study
NEW PHASE College is all about choices — from what you wear to the subjects you study

College life kicks off with equal measures of nervousness and excitement, writes NEETI SARKAR

Remember your first day at school? Remember how you cried all day? You didn’t want to let go of your mother’s hand when she dropped you to school for a few days that followed. Some youngsters feel going to college for the first time is just as bad!

With city colleges’ starting yet another academic year, many freshers feel it is simply terrifying to walk into an unknown place with so many pair of eyes focused on you. Malthi Nayar, a 16-year-old says: “Your facial expression is what gives you away and makes you an easy prey for seniors to rag. And there you are, only wishing the earth would swallow you!”

Official ragging (mild teasing and no personal jibes in front of lecturers) is acceptable in most institutions and there are many youngsters who are enthusiastically and eagerly awaiting their freshers’ party. “This is when official ragging takes place and apart from being an ice breaker, the themes seniors come up with for the party are totally cool!” says Abhinav Shekaran, another fresher.

For many, the boys in particular, the freedom college brings along is exhilarating. According to Sreenivas, a 15-year old management student: “The first few days at college have been so much fun only because we aren’t school kids anymore. There is no uniform nor packed lunches and most importantly we can bunk classes on and off for a much-needed break from the monotony of school.”

“Getting rid of the subjects I hated at school and finally studying only the subjects of my choice has me visiting the college library already,” says Malthi. “I never expected the first few days of college to turn out like this,” she adds. Using mobile phones on campus and often in class to text a friend, which was an absolute no-no in school, is the latest trend among college newbies, who not only wish to assert their freedom but also want to show off their status and technological literacy to their peers.

Dressing up

Nina Puri, an 18-year-old student enjoys, “getting dressed each morning for college. Matching footwear, bangles, eye-shadow and bags are what the first few days of college are all about. Everybody is enthusiastic about dressing well and take utmost care of their appearance.”

Everyone is their nicest self especially during the first few days of college, not just to impress a good-looking boy, but to find the “my type” of group to hang out with.

“Getting used to big classes and being called a number instead of by one’s name are some of the things youngsters could have a problem coping with, especially at the beginning of the year,” Shireen Sait, a college counsellor observes.

Nervousness and excitement are the two most common symptoms at the start of college life. However, sadness and depression might also surface, when a fresher begins missing old friends or a new boarder starts feeling homesick.

Yet, nobody would have it any other way and root for the need for change, the necessity of new experiences and the essentiality of entering a new phase of life.




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