Melody or malady?

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Drops of delight If things are in place, monsoons can serve as mood-enhancer
Drops of delight If things are in place, monsoons can serve as mood-enhancer

It is for you to turn the monsoons into a boon or a bane

The welcome relief of much awaited showers after a scorching summer is short-lived. The seeping walls, paint peeling off, attacks by insects and health issues bogging down the entire family can actually diminish the romance of monsoons. How about equipping ourselves to combat these attacks by making some smart changes in our home this monsoon.

The moisture in the air may cause fungal growth on the furniture and upholstery. Clean and blow-dry them with the vacuum cleaner. Wooden floors need regular polishing to keep the dampness at bay. Anti-fungal paint can keep the moisture away from walls. “My chocolate chip cookies became soft a short while after I opened the packet. Mama started keeping them in the refrigerator to protect their crispness,” smiles little Rynah.

The worst battle is against pests and bugs. Arm yourself with weapons of war – anything, from a broom, to a duster, to Laxman Rekha, Hit or Baygon bait, will do to fight the relentless battle against mosquitoes, bugs, crickets, cockroaches, silverfish, ants or wasps. Keep camphor pills or cloves between clothing to keep bugs away.

Enjoy the monsoon by finishing all your renovation works well in advance or you will be left with cracks that can’t be repaired later. The heat of the summer can cause cracks in the walls, which must be cut open and filled with an acrylic sealant.

Be extra cautious to make sure that your drainage pipes are not clogged with dry leaves or dirt or else the rains will block the drains. Strangely though, the doors and windows seem to expand and shutting them can turn into a major challenge.

Leakages and seepages, especially of ceilings and bathrooms, is another hazard brought in by rains. An epoxy-based mortar should be applied on all the floor tile joints and water-outlet points. The average humidity level inside the house should be reduced by keeping the rooms well ventilated and the doors and windows should be kept open for as long as possible. Air conditioners and de-humidifiers help reduce the moisture in the air. Humidity can also invite the dreaded white ants, which attack wood or even cement walls. Simple efforts made at the right time can turn the rain malady into a melody.





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