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Incredible hulk Harman Baweja believes in putting family and friends first
Incredible hulk Harman Baweja believes in putting family and friends first

Harman Baweja talks about his love for Kathak among other things to SHAILAJA TRIPATHI TANEJA

So, you know a lot about Harman Baweja including the fact that he is Priyanka Chopra’s boyfriend. But bet you didn’t know that his groovy moves in “Milo Na Milo” is all thanks to his Kathak training. Harman, who is being hailed as the next big thing even before his debut, “Love Story 2050”, hits the screens, studied Kathak for eight to nine months under Guru Viru Krishan.

“I was always fascinated by Indian classical music and I love dancing. I thought why not learn an Indian dance form, I can connect to. Kathak gives a sense of rhythm and teaches you to use facial expressions,” Harman says.

Harman makes it very clear that family will always come before his career. “It is very important that I spend quality time with my family and friends. I want to make sure that I enjoy everything that I do,” says Harman.

In the film, Harman plays Karan, who is in love with Sana (Priyanka). Karan’s uncle Dr. Ya (Boman Irani) makes a time machine and the couple travel to Mumbai circa 2050. The film, directed by Harman’s father Harry Baweja and produced by mother Pammy is slated to release on July 4.

While being the son of a hot-shot director and having a home production as a launch pad helps, the ride has not been easy. While on the one hand, comparisons are drawn with Hrithik, on the other, there are rumours that his arrival has made some stars insecure. “Being a newcomer, I deserve a discount. For first timers people say ‘for his first film he/she is good. But nobody is giving me a discount plus there is a tax on me as well. There is too many expectations. As far as comparisons with Hrithik Roshan are concerned, people will get to know with time that I am Harman Baweja,”says Harman and dismisses the rumours of negative vibes from Abhishek Bachchan post IIFA. “In fact, Abhishek has sent me a very sweet message.”

Acting with robots and against a green screen in your first film cannot be easy. “There is a scene between me and the robot QT. My name is Karan in the film. Every time I gave a perfect shot, the robot would get stuck at Karrrr. And what can you say to a robot? And there are scenes where I was told to act against the green screen imagining there are flying cars around. It was tough but interesting,” says Harman.

Priyanka Chopra has a robot teddy called Boo. “He is Priyanka’s best friend. He walks and talks. If she hasn’t eaten for long, the teddy also cuts papaya for her.”

Acting in a futuristic film has its after effect on Harman. These days, the actor is apparently carrying HydraCoach, a very cool-looking intelligent water bottle. “It calculates and monitors and reminds me to consume enough water. If I haven’t had water for sometime, it starts beeping,” says Harman.

Coming back to the films, post “Love Story 2050”, Harman has got “Victory”. The film boasts of whole lot of cricket stars from across the world. “I play a boy from Jaisalmer who goes on to become one of the world’s best cricketer. We have shot at Sydney cricket stadium. We have shot with Bret Lee, R. P. Singh, Sreesanth and we will be shooting with some Pakistani cricketers as well,” says Harman.

There is Ashutosh Gowariker’s “What’s Your Rashi” with Priyanka Chopra too. It is based on the novel “Kimball Ravenswood” by Madhu Rye but Harman is tight-lipped about it. Ditto for his thoughts on a certain Ms Priyanka Chopra.




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