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Look and FEEL You can operate the devices before you make your choice
Look and FEEL You can operate the devices before you make your choice

E-zone has it all

Often shopping for electronic gadgets ranging from TV sets, mobile phones, refrigerators, iron boxes, laptops etc can be both tiring and time consuming. Look no further, just head out to the new E-zone store at Rajajinagar. The store spans nearly 25,000 sq. metres and promises to deliver almost all electronic gadgets ranging from mobile phones and LCD TVs to washing machines and home theatre systems. To help the customer in making choices, the store hosts different products in all stores.

As you enter the store, a wide range of LCD TV’s and mobile phones greet you. Mobile phones from brands such as Samsung, Nokia, Sony etc are available. As far as LCD TVs are concerned, a wide range of brands cutting across the price barrier are available. As one of the clerk remarks, “TV sets costing from Rs. 16,000 to over Rs. 2 lakhs are available. We have many brands such as Sony, Onida, Philps etc.”

The floor also has a special area selling a wide range of original mobile phone accessories. The first floor of the complex houses the wide laptop and desktop collection. Computers from a variety of brands such as Toshiba, Sony, Acer, Compaq are available.

For those concerned about not having enough cash in hand to purchase these items, help is available in the store itself. The store offers many finance options and even provides zero percent finance options. A range of Ipods, MP3 players and computer accessories are also available at the store. Popular game boys, play stations, X boxes and even a rather innovative one-of-its-kind living room entertainment console encompassing a combination of DVD players, X-boxes, TV systems etc are also available.

Moving to the next floor, a plethora of home appliances ranging from electronic toasters, iron boxes, music systems etc are available. The floor also houses separate enclosures, each containing a home theatre system belonging to different brands. As the store manager points out, the separate compartments have been created to ensure that the customers are able to browse through the audio-video quality offered by different brands and choose the best for themselves. A number of home theatre ranges are available with car theatre systems.

The fifth floor contains bigger consumer durables like fridges for up to Rs. 2 lakhs, aimed at large family groups to smaller varieties available in the Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 24,000 range, cutting across brand names. The floor also has dish washers, microwave sets etc. The terrace has a solar heating device on display, shown only to interested consumers.

The USP of the store remains the fact that the consumers are allowed to operate all devices and get a feel of the equipment before buying the product.





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