If you are in a mood for an interesting Indian meal amidst lavish settings and surroundings, Nakshatra is where you should be heading.

Fortune Hotels announced the launch of Nakshatra, its signature Indian fine dining chain of restaurants, with the first one opening at Fortune Select Global in Global Arcade, Gurgaon. The Fortune group aims to open other such fine dining outlets in all major cities, all to be named Nakshatra, but will reflect the flavour of eachcity.

The restaurant has an array of dishes lined up for you. It offers a sizeable range of Indian drinks ranging from customary coolers like kanji, thandai, shikanji, sorbets, chaach to the finest hot coffees, Kashmiri kahwa, etc. In desserts one can even find barfi, served with rabri, besidesasharfis, mini gulab jamuns, etc.

The main course has interesting kababs, zafrani jhinga, sigri ki macchi, murgh angare and so on. For vegetarians they have an equally inviting menuthat comprises snacks like bharwan nukti aloo, silbatte ke kabab palak makai ki tikki, etc.

Authentically prepared curries include ruwagan chaman (chicken specialities), gobhi methi ka tuk, Goan masala fried prawns and more. The restaurant also gets extra points for the lavish and innovative interiors. It also has a private dining space.