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Car and bike questions? We have the answers

I am an avid reader of your column. Could you give me the plus and minus points of the Indica Xeta GLX /GLS, Getz Prime 1.3 and Wagon R? I have chosen these for ease of driving, rear seat legroom, boot space, fuel efficiency, refinement, AC, and reasonable spares and maintenance costs. I will be driving the car myself and intend to keep it for more than five years. My monthly usage is approximately 500-1000 km in the city. Is there any other model I should be considering? I currently own a Maruti 800. I also would like to know if I can get an automatic gearbox and airbags in the models specified.

Mohan K Jain

The Getz Prime should meet your requirements best as it is a good city car with lots of space and a generous boot that is much bigger than the Indica or Wagon R. It feels the most refined of all and is quite reliable too. The Getz has the best build quality of the lot, which you should consider as you will be using it for at least five years.

I am looking for a car which will cover approximately 100 km daily, but not on congested roads. I am looking at a diesel saloon which is value for money in terms of mileage, power, comfort and maintenance. What is your opinion of the newly-launched Swift Dzire?

Ashish Gupta

For usage of 100 km a day, a diesel car makes the most sense. The Dzire combines your requirements best and is an excellent car. Its only downside is that the space in the rear is not as generous as in some other saloons.

I want to purchase an SUV. I have short-listed the Pajero, CR-V, Endeavour and Vitara. I usually travel around 1000 km a month along rough roads. Please suggest what is appropriate for me.

Sourav Moy Das

For rough road driving, I would narrow down your choice to the Pajero and Endeavour. Between the two, the Endeavour is a better choice as it is cheaper, has more power and is more contemporary. However, its ride is extremely bumpy.

I understand that the Fiat Palio Stile Multijet, Swift DDiS and Indica DiCOR use the same second-generation common-rail diesel engine developed by Fiat motors. The price of the base models is also approximately the same. Which one would be a better purchase, and why?

Koushik Banerjee

The Swift is the best of the lot. It is the most modern, has stylish interiors, and gives the best performance and fuel economy.

I am planning to buy a diesel sedan that is luxurious and makes a statement. My budget is Rs. 8 lakh-Rs. 9 lakh. I have short-listed the Hyundai Verna and the Mitsubishi Lancer. Which of the two is a better option? Is there any other car that can fulfil my requirements?

Vipul Beriwal, Kolkata.

The Verna is an excellent car and much better than the Lancer, which is outdated and not as good as the Verna in terms of performance or refinement. For your budget, the Verna is the best.




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