At the FICCI Frames 2008, the largest media and entertainment convention in Asia, one of the hottest topics for discussion was whether news channels were playing up Bollywood trivia as breaking news! On the topic “Is News Entertainment?

— The changing face of television news in India”, the participants spoke about the mushrooming of several news channels in the last few years, and how the very concept of news delivery and content had changed to the extent that there was now a thin line between news and entertainment. Meanwhile, as the debate rages, the Anuradha Prasad-backed Bag Films has gone ahead and launched a full-fledged news channel on entertainment and lifestyle called E24. To begin with, the channel plans to have one-hour news bulletins on the entertainment and glamour industry at regular intervals throughout the day. In addition, there will be a judicious mix of other lifestyle shows and music countdowns. Says Anuradha: “The objective of E24 is to give full entertainment to the youth. There are very few shows on Bollywood and the entertainment industry, so there is a large appetite among viewers for such shows. We will provide credible information based entertainment.”