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Dilvog – Indian Groove

Times MusicCD Rs. 150, Cassette Rs.50Forget the kind of disapproving looks that the remix world has been receiving from people who think it is ‘music from infertile minds,’ the industry, nevertheless, is growing in leaps and bounds. There indeed are numbers that have crossed the geographical borders for its melodic appeal, making them seem absolutely trendy. Well, that’s the kind of demand the contemporary age envisages! Dilvog’s remix of the popular Kabhi Kabhi from the Yash Chopra’s super smash love story spanning generations is one such that has been included in his latest album ‘Indian Groove’ released by Times Music. Dilvog a.k.a. Dal Hothi, the crossover artist based in Canada, has a huge following in the U.S. and England for his Hinglish numbers which he claims “has the ability to bring cultures, races and religions together.”

Dilvog is an early entrant to the remix arena and his Kabhi Kabhi (Always, Always, I love you, Always Always, I dream of you) that caught the aural attention of curious listeners nearly a decade ago, is still popular for the number that has a pleasant background score. Switching Some thunderous bass beat percussion opens up the number Rani - Tu Meri Sapne Ki Rani. The popping up of piped instruments now and then is welcome for this number that is easy on the ears and has some exciting scale variations in the rap up that stamps Dilvog into a brand that is Indi-pop too. While ‘Indian Groove’ has so many elements of music that would beckon the zippy crowd and the not-so-modern to appreciate the nuances of this kind of combo-music, it is numbers like Cecelia that transport you to a genre where you know that this is no concoction of diverse fields but an ingenuous amalgam of creative art. The other numbers in the ‘Indian Groove’ album – Bhangra Baby, Aag Vung Nacheay, Din Bhangra Paunda, Fired up, Da Ma In-Law – also have equal entertainment value, what with extra vocals like Javog Hothi, Gaurav Hothi, Harvinder Sandhu Hothi adding energy to the music laced with bhangra dil. All the songs are produced by Dilvog that’s been through some excellent audio mixing at Greenhouse Studios at Vancouver, Canada.





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