The commercialisation of love is all too obvious on Valentine’s Day. Restaurants and hotels try to outdo each other in being romantic.

Blanco, a fashion bistro, at Khan Market, is hosting a Blanco Valentine special menu on the Valentine’s Day. The five-course menu is complemented by love songs in global languages. Photographers will click photos of all those smitten couples. And diners will even get framed copies of their love. An in-house violinist will play songs of their choice.

Romantic sojourn

The night can also be remembered for posterity by signing on one’s own porcelain mug. The idea is to give couples more than just a dining experience. This specially designed romantic sojourn is titled Amore te Amo (Love, I love you).

While these are the frills, the food is the central attraction. The non-vegetarian platter — consisting of chicken souvlaki, dill and pepper crusted sole and Cajun prawn satay — is good, though the chicken with a yoghurt-based dip leaves no lasting impression. But the fish is excellent andthe prawn satay tastes good.

There is a non-vegetarian and a vegetarian soup to choose from. Prawn bisque with cognac is as exotic as the Tuscan tomato soup is earthy. The entrées offer a wide choice of risotto, spaghetti and rice, etc. The three mushroom risotto promises to be fulfilling without being boring. Prawns with peas and mushroom, served with rice are tasty. The prawns go amiably with a host of different greens. The gravy is subtle but not dull.

The highlight of the meal, however, is the dessert platter. The after eight cake is utterly delightful. The mint is offset by the dark chocolate in a winning way.

The lemon cheese cake is also creamy to perfection. Fresh strawberries with a dot of cream might excite some, but in contrast with the other dessert, it loses its charm! Finally, you can drink to your lover with a warm cappuccino, dressed with a cinnamon heart.