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ART Ranjitha incorporates motifs from Worli paintings in her colourful works

BASIC FUNWith traditional forms
BASIC FUNWith traditional forms

Ranjitha’s artworks at her second solo exhibition as part of “Art by Tangerine” in Tangerine, the restaurant, transport the viewers back to childhood because it is simply playful.

Titled “Nature”, Ranjitha’s exhibition is a collection of abstracts that are a colourful reinterpretation, in many ways, of Worli figures.

In a typical frame, Ranjitha places colourful Worli figures against a usually bright gradient background that sometimes holds little cut-outs of hearts or sparkly squiggles, shimmering and playful motifs of fish, clouds or kites and simply patterns.

The most common theme seems to be a Worli landscape, showing the sun, trees, water and playful figures. Sometimes she splits the frame into smaller frames, each depicting a story of its own with the Worli figures in interesting combinations of colours ranging from black and blue to orange, yellow, red and green.

Metallic lines, as motifs and shades (around the frame) also add to the playfulness of her works. It is this simple, child-like nature of her artwork in the colours, strokes, shapes and figures that makes it all appealing and draws the viewer into a simple world of fantasy.

“Nature is enjoyable, everyone enjoys nature and I wanted to show nature,” says Ranjitha, a graduate of Bangalore’s Kala Mandir Art School. “I worked with abstracts because it allows me to simply play with colours. I incorporated Worli figures because they represent an art form that is earthy and natural and I wondered why I shouldn’t make them colourful.”

Ranjitha says she was also influenced by the works of her father, J.M.S.Mani, who is also an artist. “His works are bold and I think abstracts are bold.” She hopes to send out the message of conservation of natural spaces through her depiction of nature. “Nature” will be on view until February 28 at Tangerine, 52, 100 Feet Road, (Near the Sony Centre intersection), Koramangala. For details, contact 41152678.





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