Focus Shambu Prasad’s works blur the line between figurative and abstracts

“Idon’t set out to paint a series with a theme in mind. My paintings are a reflection of my state of mind at that point of time,” says artist Shambu Prasad. His paintings, Relations and Reflections, offer a peak into the artist’s repertoire that cannot be broadly distinguished into figurative and abstracts. He tells us that for some of the works on display, he has used the canvas of his earlier abstracts, merging faces and forms in them, thus blurring the line between figurative and abstracts.

Many of his canvases remain dark and moody in colours of black, grey and brown on which the artist paints people in sober and brighter shades. The colours weren’t pre-meditated, but chosen instinctively, says the artist. The inward journey and self-discovery is evident when Shambu Prasad says, “People have told me that there’s been a difference in the way I use colours in recent years. When an artist goes through a solemn phase, it’s natural to use darker tones.”

The faces on the canvases vary from conical to squares, containing within them three or four images, offering different perspectives of people in their surroundings. Shambu’s other works show fluid forms with people merging into each other, each image containing within it other images. There’s the evident representation of German expressionism but Shambu Prasad asserts that his paintings are works in transition: “I’ve been painting since 2001, when I finished my education in arts. Until 2009, it was a struggle to find my voice and reach my destination. I had my first solo show in 2009 and in the last four years, I’ve seen how my paintings have evolved — form, style and colours. I don’t hesitate to re-visit my old works and completely re-do them on the same canvas until I’m satisfied,” he says.


What : Relations and Reflections, a solo show of paintings by Shambu Prasad

Where : Iconart Gallery, Road no. 12, Banjara Hills

When : Till June 3