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Pictures with a tale Although most of the images were small in size, the intrinsic lines and shades tell a lot in close perusal
Pictures with a tale Although most of the images were small in size, the intrinsic lines and shades tell a lot in close perusal

Sathish Bhagavath’s ‘Colours of Heart’ was a rich collection of graphic artworks

The painting exhibition ‘Colours of Heart’ conducted by Sathish Bhagavath at Museum Auditorium was a rich collection of graphic artworks. Says the artist: “An exhibition like this is rare as very few artists engage in graphic art these days.”

With linographs and colographs, using instruments as diverse as Reynolds pens and metal needles to etch images on limestone and metal, Sathish was able to display the age-old art of graphic art.

The 50 paintings attracted viewers who were curious to see the artist’s experimentation with various media. In many cases, one can see the same image in different hues and tones, thus providing viewers with alternative impressions of the same image. Most of the images were small in size, but the intrinsic lines and shades were aesthetically symmetrical.

In many cases, the artist has managed to give us familiar images in a new avatar. So in the work ‘Peacock,’ one sees an unusual bird at first glance as the artist downplays the ornamental feathers of the bird, showing the peacock sans its defining element.

Dropping of ego

In ‘Anandam,’ one sees two dancers almost fused into a single self with their crowns fallen into their feet. “Such a dropping of ego is needed in all artists, only then can they merge into their art,” Sathish says.

The paintings that try to interpret the mysteries of the mind are the best of the lot. ‘Waves of Pleasure’ depicts a man dissolving into ripples as he meditates, and another painting shows him as a channel through which the cosmic mysteries unravel into the great epics.

Life a pendulum

‘Movement’ shows a pendulum moving to and fro between two worlds, one strewn with flowers and sweet words and the other strewn with thorns and harsh words.

“That is the case with all of us,” explains Sathish, “as time moves on, our words and acts please some and hurt others, we become good and soon we revert into something else. We just can’t escape from the inevitable movement of a pendulum.”

Sathish wants his paintings to speak to the heart of his viewers.

“I want to address the repressed feelings and anxieties of the people,” he says.

Paintings like ‘Darsanam’ try to capture the cause. In the large work, almost 90 per cent of the canvas is earmarked for the sky, where all kindsof activities happen.

We see a temple procession, houses, vehicles, man splitting himself into Jekyll and Hyde modes, man turning himself into Gods and devotees, the exploration of space and planets et al.

But as you look down, towards the base of the painting, it is a simple earth. Man is born, grows up, becomes king/sanyasi/beggar (three possible representative modes of existence possible), dies and is reborn again.

Then what are these images in the sky?

“Illusions…they are just illusions,” says Sathish. Apart from all the fuss, life is very simple in one reading.

A diploma holder in graphic art from Government College of Fine Arts, Chennai, Colours of Heart’ is Satish’s first solo exhibition.





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