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PUPPY LOVE At Sangamam `07
PUPPY LOVE At Sangamam `07

An engineering college played host to a show that brought out the artistic side of students

During the course of study, students are exposed to a whole lot of contests that test their grey matter. And, very few that allow them to explore their artistic leanings. That way, Sangamam `07, organised by PSG College of Technology, is truly different. Members of the college's Character and Personality (C.A.P) and Nature Club got together to put up the three-day event that sought to tap the creative talents of students in a tech-savvy environment.


A collection of paintings and drawings, including sketches from various films and of film stars, of the college's Fine arts Club were put up, as were works by some alumni. A must-look was some finely-crafted glass paintings and collage work. The show was the perfect platform for student S. Karthikeyan to exhibit his collection of more than 200 unique stamps from across the world. What is your idea of miniature painting? A painting on a small canvas?

Miniature paintings

Artist N. Anbu was at hand to prove how everything from a nib to a paper pin to a grain of rice and a tablet to a bubble could turn into a canvas on which works of art can be executed. From a single strand of the eyelash, he recreated Jesus on the cross; four elephants stood in all their glory in the confining eye of a needle and a lady sat primly on a pinhead. And, to think, he made all these using his naked eye. To realise their beauty, though, you would have to view them through a microscope.

Distinct works

Besides these, there were postcards with 3,300 different miniature paintings and a stamp with 365 different paintings, each one of them distinct. The Chellamuthu Trust, Madurai, had displayed products made by physically disabled people. The stall showcased bags, mats, key chains and earrings made of shells and priced between Rs.10 and Rs. 140. Some Chettinadu craft was also on offer. A photography exhibition was on as well. An enthusiast had displayed 50 varieties of fish, including the Oscar fish, Honeymoon fish, Arowana fish as well the Flower Horn, believed to bring fortune according to feng shui.

Pet show

A pet show was also part of the proceedings. That day, the college, home to technical innovations of every kind, played host to Cocker Spaniels, Daschunds, Labradors, Pugs, Boxers, Dalmatians, Lhasa apsos, Great Danes, English Mastiffs, Irish Settlers, Bull Mastiffs and Golden Retrievers.

Winged visitors

Rabbits, African pigeons, cocktails and white rats made themselves comfortable too.The dogs were judged under the adult and pup categories. A Great Dane and English Mastiff stood first in the adult category while a Pug and Lasapso bagged the honours in the pup category.





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