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If a crystal swan is all that takes to steal your heart, then you are a certified crystal lover. Login to the following sites and enter the glamorous, mysterious world of crystals.

History of Crystal This site gives an insight into the history of the glass that finds its way into the most exotic drawing rooms and collectors' hearts. It also discusses the historical importance of the crystal in various societies. Did you know that crystal is as old as the Vedas and has a prominent place in the texts?

Swarovski From classics to calendars and to eternity editions crafted to perfection, along with a host of designs, is what you will find on this page. As to the name Swarovski, does one need to say more?

The Crystal Legacy Apart from a host of fabulous products and gift articles, the history of the company that is documented since 1783, this site takes you on a journey of how the legacy of crafting sheer beauty has been carried forward for generations. The most endearing aspect of this site is perhaps its elegant and artistic architecture. It's a visual treat one should not miss, especially if one is a crystal collector or admirer.

Inspired by Nature This site showcases the most singular collection of Mats Jonasson's crafts, which are masterpieces in their own right. With a very pronounced emphasis on the theme of nature and its creation, the collection is a delight to watch and pride to own. The accuracy of style and a knack for detail marks Jonasson's collection apart from everything else in crystal.

Healing Crystals Did you know that crystals are claimed to have the metaphysical power of healing? Crystal used in certain methods, are employed to cure a lot of physical ailments in various cultures curtaining the globe from the orient to the occident. Though scientifically unproven, it is a popular practice. This site provides information on various healing powers of crystal, along with a detailed list of specific crystals and the ailments they are known to have a cure for.L.S. ROHIT