Aravind Jewellery is one of the Pioneers with more than a decade experience in Jewellery business with a vibrant growth in their Diamond division too. The decision of Mr. Ravi Karollil, Proprietor of Aravind Jewellery to venture into the Diamond segment in 1990's was a turning point for their business. Mr. K. Aravindaksha Menon father of Mr. Ravi Karollil started the Jewellery shop in Broadway in 1962 and now it is functioning at Ponnurunni, Thammanam, Kochi.

“Lifestyle keeps on changing, and for the trendy fashion, jewellery's are all set for the demand. Gold is always considered as the safe and secure investment option and now diamonds are also picking up along with the yellow metal” says Mrs. Preethi Ravi. Mr. Ravi Karollil adds-on; “The diamond studded white gold are in the demand side nowadays. Internal Flawless (EF colour) diamonds are the once which are available in Aravind Jewellery".

Aravind Jewellery is always in the upfront for diamond jewelleries and solitaires. Traditional designs like Avilmala, Palakka Mala, Nagapadam, Pathak, etc., are also made for specified orders. Owning a traditional jewel in this era is all possible with the excellence of Aravind Jewellery.