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Trend Can’t stop overeating, drinking or smoking? These virtual friends could help you

When things get out of control Apps could keep you on the straight and narrow
When things get out of control Apps could keep you on the straight and narrow

Addictions are a worrying trend and dangerous to health in the long run. Kicking the butt or avoiding the bottle is never easy. Here are some highly-rated apps to help you keep track of your vices and, may be, inspire you to quit your bad habit.

Quit Smoking: This app has a heart-shaped logo, signifying that you must love yourself and so watch your health. The app has a personal dashboard display that tells you how long it has been since your last cigarette, how many cigarettes you have avoided and the money you have saved. Based on the data you have entered, it shows you how much longer you will live. If you have quit for say, a day and two hours, the message says, “You have lived one hour longer!” There are motivational statements thrown in to further help your cause.

Livestrong MyQuit Coach : This app gives you the option of either quitting smoking right away or reducing your nicotine intake in phases. It tracks the number of times you smoke in a day, and gives you achievement badges as you cut down. You can also update your progress on Facebook and Twitter and win approval from friends.

StopDrinkingAlcohol : This app urges you to either quit drinking or reduce your consumption, by entering the number of days you have stayed sober on an interactive calendar. There will be quotes by people, famous or otherwise at the bottom of the screen for additional inspiration. The app also allows you to enter the number of drinks you have consumed on that day, to keep you aware.

Be it binge or social drinkers, this app is useful for both.

Stop Binge Eating: Lose Weight: A simple app which provides you alternative suggestions in situations when you think you will binge, and an online forum through which you can get in touch with others who have overcome this problem.





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