Remember what a fuss your grandmother made if you didn’t wear that traditional pair of jingling silver anklets to a family wedding? There was a time when those pretty trinkets were forgotten and their sound was considered “annoying”. Now, anklets are back in all varieties and patterns. “They’re so dainty and feminine which is why they are so popular,” says Mital Gandhi, a college student.

According to Nidhi, a business management student, “The best way to flaunt one’s shapely legs, is by wearing a pair of delicate anklets.”

Priced anywhere from Rs. 20 to Rs. 400 a pair, anklets are now one of the hottest selling accessories.

“They’re chic and have nothing to do with culture or tradition. I wear them because they’re stylish,” says Prateeksha Bhaskar, an event manager.

Anklets made of colourful wood or plastic beads are also popular.