The work is inspired by the Ramayana

Here is something kids can look out for. Virgin Comics and Kahani World, a Canadian animation company, are producing a film, Secrets of the Seven Sounds. It is said to be inspired by the Ramayana. The film tells the story of the handsome, naturally gifted, and love-struck Prince Ram who destiny has chosen to rescue Princess Sita and save the world from the villainous Lord Ravan. But the real hero of is, Lux, Ram's 11-year-old little brother, the family's insightful and often-overlooked intrepid fighter. The full production of the movie begins in just seven weeks and the feature is in collaboration with Virgin Comics co-founders, Deepak Chopra and Shekhar Kapur. It is based on an original story by Gotham Chopra, Sharad Devarajan and Jeevan Kang. The feature will be brought to the market in the summer of 2007.