An adaptation of Dan Brown’s novel, it is the sequel to “The Da Vinci Code”. Directer Ron Howard returns to helm the affairs and Tom Hanks reprises the role of Robert Langdon, who is summoned by the Vatican to solve a murder and combat a mysterious Illuminati’s threat. Like “The Da Vinci Code”, the film is riding on controversy. Will it crack the box office code?


If you’re not the type that shies away from clichés, then this film is for you. Vishal, Shriya Saran and Prakash Raj play lead roles. It’s about a brother who goes in search of his sibling who ran away from home as a child. There are many comic interludes involving the hero. Shriya sizzles in the song sequences.


It’s hot, it’s cold. Director Anita Udeep thus sums up the life of today’s teenagers. The film that has a refreshing cast is shot in beautiful locales. The camerawork is in sync with the volatile moods of the youngsters. Peppy tunes by Bobo Sashi has already created a lot of interest in the industry.