Chat Actor Anand Tiwari is upbeat about his forthcoming zom-com, while staying close to his Neighbours

Our doubt: Three friends go to Goa, so is that where all the action begins and the story takes off? Actor Anand Tiwari who plays one of the three friends laughs, “There is comic timing right from the beginning. While my co-stars Kunal Khemu and Vir Das play easy going guys who are taking life as it comes and make it a point to enjoy, I play the serious guy who is their room mate, senior at work and a very serious worker. The colleagues/friends/room mate piggy ride me and reach Goa for a conference,” he laughs. The rest, “is all about laughter and a smartly thought out story plan. All this with a straight face. Each of us had a great time during the shoot,” adds Anand.

Talking of which he says, it could have been the stage experience which made the actors complement each other’s role to perfection. And in some place, improvise the scenes as it came to the actors.

A believer of ‘humour with a straight face’ Anand says he loved every moment with his co stars and as an actor and a film-maker he wouldn’t really think of pitching up the humour to make it obvious. “Subtle humour is long lasting,” says the actor who assisted Anurag Basu in Barfi.

The actor who is also producing short movies for the net says, “I am looking forward to watch Bombay Talkies . Short films are very intelligent and interesting because a lot has to be weaved in within the rules. Short films also leave the audience with a lot of thought and ideas and most times, it makes us question our own self. Sometimes perceptions change as well,” adds Anand. Anand’s short films series titled Neighbours is about two couples. While one is loud and quarrelsome, the other couple is quiet. In the midst of this, it makes audience wonder who is wrong — the quiet couple or the quarrelsome one.

“The quiet couple is quiet in all sense. Communication is dead, there is no sex life, so much so that there is no eye communication as well. Whereas the loud couple has the communication on. It makes us rethink about couples who are loud and quarrelsome against couples who are silent and make it appear everything is good. It is way to change one’s perception of the people around us. Neighbours is a four-part series, while the first two parts are out, the other two will be up on Youtube soon,” says Anand.

Anand who aspires to be a filmmaker says, ‘acting is a way of working up to this dreams.’ He produced these movies for—a web content company which has now bought his films to be uploaded on youtube.